Everyone thought I was crazy when I told them about this dive - a midnight dive at Day Island. After working a full day, and then having to be at work a few short hours after the dive. But, even with barely four hours of sleep, it was worth it. Day Island is some of the best diving in the area, and doing it at midnight is perfect. No other divers around - the weather always is ideal, and the Puget Sound is so calm.

There were some problems though - mainly my BC. The button on my inflator hose kept getting stuck at the beginning of the dive, but eventually corrected itself. The inflator controls the amount of air in my BC which is what I use to maintain the proper buoyancy under water. The other problem I had (which was after the dive,) is that my dry suit appears to be leaking quite a bit. Hopefully it's just a hole (which is a simple fix) and not something wrong with the seams.

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