Yes - you're seeing this correctly - only one picture was taken tonight.

The plan was to to do the regular site of Les Davis with Jerome, but due to a massive leak in Jerome's drysuit, we only managed a dive of about five minutes or so at the longest.

I wasn't without my own issues - in addition to tonight not being a good mask night (it kept flooding,) my camera's strobe refused to cooperate (the batteries were dead.) My bright idea there was to just change the camera's settings back to using the camera's built-in flash. The tricky part of that was that I needed to store the reflector piece in my pocket. (When the camera takes a picture, the built-in flash flashes, which then reflects off a shiny piece of plastic which then fires the external strobe.) Jerome helped me put the reflector in my pocket since I wasn't able to. I neglected to tell Jerome that the pocket he put it in on my BC has a hole in it, so when we made it back to shore, it was gone. Fortunately I had an extra at home, so next time I should be good.

The one picture that was taken was taken with just using the camera's flash and my 8x macro lens. It's nothing spectacular, but since I publish all of my photographs, it is up here on my site. The left side of the picture is pretty good - while the right side isn't so much. You can clearly show the oncoming "cloud" of dirty that was being kicked up approaching.


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