First time diving with Jerome in almost two months. Can't believe it's been that long.

One of our regular dive sites - the only real difference here (besides freshly hydro'd tanks,) is that I was finally armed with my new wide angle lens. I received the wide angle lens as a birthday present, but haven't yet had the opportunity to dive with it. Until today that is.

While my camera does have the ability to swap out lenses (from macro to wide,) I left the wide angle on for the entire dive. I tried to find some shots where I could demonstrate what this new lens can do (mainly for me.)

IMAG0014 IMAG0015 IMAG0016 IMAG0017 IMAG0018
IMAG0019 IMAG0020 IMAG0021 IMAG0022 IMAG0023
IMAG0024 IMAG0025 IMAG0026 IMAG0027 IMAG0028
IMAG0029 IMAG0030 IMAG0031 IMAG0032 IMAG0033
IMAG0034 IMAG0035 IMAG0036 IMAG0037 IMAG0038
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