This dive was full of little problems that turned into bigger problems.

Nothing too serious - first of all, it was Jerome's first time diving Alki at night, and my first time leading a dive here in about a year or so.

Factor in the above, and the fact I was diving with my camera, Jerome had his camera, and little things start to turn into big things.

The first problem that I had was a navigation issue - for some reason, my find failed to accept what the opposite reading on my compass was. Someone 180 degrees wasn't being accepted into my brain. And then about fifteen minutes into the actual dive, I got entangled by some fishing line - enough line as to prevent me from swimming anymore. Fortunately I've been diving enough, I remained calm and was able to use my knife to free myself. It was also a good example why diving with a buddy is the rule - Jerome was right there just in case I wasn't able to free myself.

After the entanglement issue, I turned my camera off and just continued the rest of the dive.

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