For the first time in over three years, I found myself in Hawaii being able to go diving.

Since this was vacation with the wife, I wasn't able to go diving everyday, but I was fortunate enough to being able to dive twice on one day.

Long story short, I booked a two-tank boat dive with Steve and Bob from Wanna Dive Kona.

Including myself, there were four divers along - Aaron and his wife Jenny (I am pretty sure that that was her name) and someone who's name completely escapes me (I do remember that his wife was named Shirley.)

This page features pictures from the afternoon dive. Be sure to visit the night dive page for the second of my two dives.

Disclosure: I don't know the names of any Hawaiian species of fish, and at this point in time, I'm not going to look them up to put here (maybe later.) My "world-famous commentary" will be quite a bit quieter than normal, but I'll do my best to throw in an occasional nugget.

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