A nice relaxing dive.

My drysuit didn't leak - or have any inflator issues. I'm not sure if that's more because of last week being a fluke occurance, or if I was just being very careful and compensating to prevent any issues. Either way, I was dry and warm (for the most part) and that's important.

Tonight the plan was to dive with Kirby - which I did. A fellow diver named Abraham was also there - hadn't dove with him before, but I will again. It was great following the two of them around - both very good and spotting little things that I probably would have missed. Of course, we both wish we knew was Kirby was pointing at while we were there, instead of finding out after the dive what he was trying to show us. But that's what you get when there are no appropriate handsignals for "Look, there's a giant decorated warbonnet in those rocks. Oh, it just moved, so it's way in the back."

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