Dive number four of the week - this time a trip to Seacrest in the hopes of maybe seeing a shark or two.

The original plan was for Greg and I to do the dive, but we had a few more people come along - Joe and Janet. Hadn't seen Joe in ages, so that was good. Plus Janet realized my name wasn't Chris.

No sharks this time, but we did see two harbor seals - and I got one picture of one - albeit a horrible dark and fuzzy picture.

The dive was a mixed bag - while I loved the dive itself, I had a drysuit issue. A few minutes into the dive, my drysuit kept inflating, so I disconnected the hose and just figured I'd suffer through the suit squeeze at deeper depths. In theory that would have worked - except I never planned on my suit leaking badly as soon as I removed the inflator hose. So yeah, I did a 44 minute dive or so while being soaked. Such fun. Hopefully my suit is okay.

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