I know, these aren't dive pictures. But wait! They are related. You see, below is what April fondly calls the Scuba Saturn - my dive car. Dive gear is almost always in the trunk, my dive log is always in the back seat, along with the master copy of blank logs, and there's the undeniable odor of Puget Sound everywhere.

It's my Scuba Saturn, so it's related to my dive pictures.

On Thursday, January 23, 2003, I left for lunch to get my car washed. I ventured over to the Chevron on Center Street (in the Fircrest area but it's still technically Tacoma.) Got my car washed, and bought a nice not so healthy soda to drink when I returned to work. I pulled up the street, with my signal on, trying to make a left hand turn onto the street.

Center street is four lanes wide, with a center turn lane - two lanes going east, two lanes going west - I was trying to turn left onto the westbound lanes. Traffic on the street starts to slow down because of the light to my right (easternly.) A Pierce County Transit bus slows down giving enough space for me to make a left hand turn in front of the bus. The driver waves at me telling me it was safe to turn left. I exit the driveway, make my left and BOOM! there's a nice green Chevrolet Cavalier that ran into me, or more accurately, the car i ran into.

I'm okay, but my car isn't looking too great.

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