The lack of new pictures isn't because of my lack of diving - far from it in fact. The lack of new pictures is mostly due to my waiting for macro lenses that I ordered for my camera. My local dive shop hasn't received them from Seattle, so while waiting, I've been diving without my camera quite often. Gives me a chance to actually dive again, and not worry about visibility or where my camera is floating at. Making diving fun.

Today I decided to bring my camera along - only because two days before, at this very same site, Tom and I saw some nifty things - specifically a long squid doing odd things in the dirt, along with a skate using the little "fins" in the back almost like a pivot leg.

The plan was to enter the water from the gravel parking lot, and swim down the wall, in front of Lobster Shop Restaurant, and exit on the other side of the beach. We did this Thursday night with a lot of fun and success.

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