My first dive in a very long time in my wetsuit. (My drysuit is in the shop being repaired.)

The plan tonight was to dive at Titlow - a dive location that I seem to have good luck with, but some of my worst navigational experiences with all at the same time. Tonight proved to be no different.

I was buddied up with Monica, who was in the process of taking her Advanced Open Water course, but has quite a few dives under her belt, so I wasn't too worried about her.

Short part of the story - we went too deep for the shelves at Titlow, and the current started kicking our butts. But with some crawling on the bottom back to shallow water, we landed right on top of the shelves - and found a bunch of octopus. Besides the current, the most difficult part of the dive was relearning how to dive in a wetsuit - plus my fins were too big for my wetsuit boots (the boots on my drysuit are larger in size.)

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