My second cold water dive since returning from Maui.

There are no pictures from my first dive. Why? Equipment failure. As I'm setting my gear up, I discover that my computer will not turn on. Batteries are dead. I let my buddy know, and we make a plan to stick together and I will always stay above him. About seven minutes into the dive, his regulator freeflows, and instructs me and a third guy to stick together. The third guy (Alex I believe) didn't know my computer was dead, and I didn't know that he had never dove Lobster Shop before.

We eventually meet up with the other half of our original group and head back into shore.

Due to this, no pictures were taken.

A couple of days later, I make plans to meet some people back at Lobster Shop. No one is there at 7, so I ask another diver if I can tag along with him. He agrees, and I'm off.

And my flash is dead. I did take some pictures using my Light Cannon, but since my camera was in the external flash mode, the majority of those pictures didn't turn out.

What you see here are the four that did.

IMAG0030 IMAG0031 IMAG0039 IMAG0040

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